Saving Ms Betsy


Together with a team of passionate volunteers, H2HDR saved Ms. Betsy from horrific conditions, severe neglect and over-breeding from a Southern Louisiana backyard breeder. She has spent 10 days in quarantine at the vet. She is suffering from unimaginable skin issues and fur loss caused by poor nutrution; a diet made up of expired, rotten and raw meat. Combined with being dipped monthly, if not weekly in a barrel of used, old motor oil by her previous owner to try and keep fleas and ticks off. Which did not work because she was covered in them when she arrived to Animal Control. She had a variety of parasites including hookworms. She is missing her right eye. We do not know why. She has Hyperthyroidism and will need treatment. She has heartworm disease and will need treatment. And finally, she is most likely pregnant.


Ms Betsy has come a long way in a short time. But she still has a very long way to go. Please consider contributing to her recovery and become a part of her extraordinary journey. You can follow her at or use #savingmsbetsy